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Saint Paul Missionary Baptist Church - Homestead Florida
St Paul Missionary Baptist Church
Historic Preserved Plaque - St Paul Missionary Baptist Church
Original Historical Bell - St Paul Missionary Baptist Church
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344 SW 4th Avenue
Homestead, Florida 33030
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St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church
Homestead - Florida
The organization and early growth of the St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church is important in today's terms because its present characteristics are the reflection of those early influences. People began to settle in the area before its incorporation, which was in 1913. From these settlers, a small band of Christians felt the need to join forces together to worship God for the many blessings they were enjoying. Although the physical conditions were inadequate, they felt the need of spiritual guidance and service to help them endure. It was through the efforts of Sis. Rebecca McClain that the group forged ahead and began its formal church service.

The first sight of the Saint Paul Missionary Baptist Church was North Flagler Avenue, (the location of the Florida East Coast Depot) in 1903, the first church was put together with used boards pine logs, and palmettos. Because of the proposal to build the train depot, the band of members moved on the corner of southwest Fifth Avenue and Fifth Street. This plot of land was donated by Mr. Mark McClain.

On this site, the members repaired the chicken house that was left and there they held the worship services. As the membership grew, the grouped decided it was time they should have a pastor and a better meeting place. Less than twenty settlers were willing to accept the challenge and forge ahead for a better future.

During the year 1911, the late Rev. W. M. Baker was called to be the spiritual leader. He served his people well. The first permanent church was built. The wooden framed building was located south of Fourth Street and Fourth Avenue. It was given the name "Saint Paul Missionary Baptist Church". The church was built by Mr. Linton Conners, Sr.

There was little money at the time, so the builder was paid with vegetables, hogs and cows raised by Bro. John Thomas. The sisters Lizzie Melton, Bell Thomas, Patsy Mills and Carrie Batten held Saturday night socials at the home of Mrs. Mary Thomas, on Railroad Avenue, to help with the expenses of the church. Deacons Dennis Mills, John Thomas, and Bro. Mose Griffin donated money for the upkeep of the church.
Services: Sunday 9:30 AM Sunday School - 11AM Sunday Service - Tuesday 6:30 PM Prayer Service - 7 PM Bible Study